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The samples are culled from a multitude of thrift and record store purchases, which just happen to feature the uniquely concocted hooks and percussive bedding that comprise the bizarre oceanic keepsakes of Coral. To add more cohesion to the rhythm, he incorporates his own musical stylings.

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Without sampling his more contemporary influences, Feighan manages to construct tracks on Coral reminiscent of those artists. Same thing with the El Guincho record. The concept of Coral lies somewhere between experimental-pop albums and hip-hop mixes; assorted, dynamic and entirely intentional. Each side of the record is pretty much its own track, and you just flip it over.

Some might see the recycling of these tracks from EP to LP as lazy, especially when considering their brevity.

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  • The way that I made this record was inspired by hip-hop beat tapes like Donuts from J. Dilla, or anything from Madlib. The way that the guitar hits you in the beginning, you are contemplating it for 50 seconds. Feighan performed live for the first time in Columbus just five days prior to the release of Coral. With his sampler and projected footage, he meticulously sampled all the elements of his instrumentals in real time. My set was about 40 minutes.

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    People were dancing. It was a challenge to do. His aspirations are based loosely around the hope that the cleverness of his retro-exotica infused beats will spark interest with fitting and capable MCs. I found it and thought that it would be an awesome band name, and that I should start making some of my own music right now.

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    Then I found Bandcamp and thought it would be really great. Every now and then I have to pay like ten bucks for three hundred downloads. And I think people would be more likely to check something out for free than if I were to charge them. Hearing his story is enough to make you regret all those wasted hours spent in front of Halo back in college.

    Anxiety expert, proud trans woman, happily married. Marilyn Drew Necci. Beatbrother Dj. Avedon Arcade. Allen Schmidt. Ian Johnson.

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    • John Pluto. Sho Ito. Geordane S. Kevin Duffy. Nick Scott Johnson. Richard Daubner. Luke Roy. Neal Murray. William Graves. Michael Kentoff. Adam Alvarez. Paying supporters also get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app. Purchasable with gift card. Limited edition while supplies last. Inspired by themes of amnesia, discovery, exploration and mysticism, the lounge influenced album guides the listener through the instrumental narrative.

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      Menagerie Shell Snake Ginger on the Wind Lazy Hibiscus Adventure Reef High Pow Wow Sweet Flower Sister Owls Spirit Guide Tangerine Lounge Philodendron Fields Chica Lodge Twiggy's Flight Monster Rally's new full length album scores a journey through a lush, exotic, dangerous, and alluring paradise - the Floating Island. The lounge-influenced collection of songs guides the listener through a instrumental narrative inspired by themes of amnesia, discovery, exploration, and mysticism.

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