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Added by 3 of our members. Even the coldest case will eventually crack.

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November Scotland is in the grip of the coldest winter in living memory and the Lake of Menteith is frozen over. A young man and woman walk across the ice to the historic island of Inchmahome which lies in the middle of the lake. Only the man comes back.

In the spring, as staff prepare the abbey ruins for summer visitors, they discover the unidentifiable remains of the body of a girl, her skull violently crushed. Twenty years later, present day. You glide on your stomach and then you [[catch it gun]]. In a blink of an eye the creature is next to you.

You'll be stuck in the drowner's mind forever. Lost in the darkness of his murderous thoughts.

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The water bulges up and with a screech the drowner shoots into the air. Are you sure? The sound of [[flip flops]] flapping against your heels as you chase the straw until it disappears into the gutter. I feel kind of strange this morning. Go too far away and you start to dissolve. Let me know, if you'll start to fade, alright? Let's go.

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It would be so easy to just let go, but then you think of Kurt and you turn back. Dark, twisted and complicated. It shuts you off aggressively and with a disgust. He's brooding in the snow and swearing under the breath, but for you it's an effortless trip. You look around.


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Another footprint. It's huge. The snow around it is slashed with claws. We're on track.

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What you are. But the question seems meaningless. You are, what else is there? The branches of the trees and the birds with the ruffled feathers and the cold ground - you are all that. You always were.

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What else would you Come on, I need you here. It's a cold place.

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Everything feels desaturated, washed out and ghostly. Three crows fly from a crooked utility pole and sit on the remnants of a wooden fence.

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  7. As he approaches the fence, he rests a while and then kneels down checking something on the ground. Ribs point towards the sky embracing the red cacophony of what used to be somebody's internal organs. You can see his profile. He looks tired. It's your body. His mind slowly opens and you can give it orders. But its dark thought constructs entangle you in their impossible logic. He rips its body to pieces until there's nothing left. Well, now you can find out if it's true. He turns toward you, but his eyes look far into the distance.