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Show more Show less Author. New series ; Enzymes Congresses. Histochemistry Congresses. Holdings information at the University of Liverpool Library Live circulation data is not available. S98 v. Ciba Foundation symposium ; 73 new. Online access with subscription: Proquest Ebook Central.

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Includes bibliographical references and indexes. Original electronic resource Palo Alto, Calif. Enzymes Analysis ; Congresses. Histochemistry ; Congresses. Cytochemistry ; Congresses. Bibliography Conference publication Illustrated. Back to results Back to item. University of Aberdeen Libraries. Aberystwyth University Library. Aston University Library. University of Birmingham Libraries. University of Bradford. British Library. University of Cambridge Libraries.

Cardiff Metropolitan University. The activities of the enzymes were determined by microphotometry and the arrangement of absorbances of the enzyme final reaction products into appropriate analytical tables is proposed as an efficient procedure for data analysis. Therefore, the effects of exposure nervous system over other target organs, several to xenobiotics on the immature brain should be difficulties are encountered in attempting to correlate determined by direct experimentation and not by later appearing behavioural abnormalities or neoplas- analogy with the adult situation Bondy, The bilateral trigeminal ganglion was always included detect and monitor localized and initial injuries caused in at least one of the three sections.

In particular, was used for morphological analyses. It contained 0.

Monoamine oxidase was assayed which are ultimately responsible for s u b s e q u e n t beha- according to the method of Glenner et al. This p r o m p t e d us to determine the most sine triphosphatase ATPase after Hardonk et al. All incubations were carried Materials and methods out in the dark. They were then cleared in xylene and Milano, Italy , weighing g, were caged singly with mounted in Pertex Histo-Lab, Goteborg, Sweden. Mating was Glycerophosphate : menadione oxidoreductase activity confirmed when a copulatory plug was found in the cage was determined in a medium containing 50 mM phosphate next morning day 1 of gestation.

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The females were then. SmM NBT, 0. At the 21st day of pregnancy, animals were anaesthetized An optimized procedure and a standard incubating between i0 and 12 a. The heads of three foetuses per female For high Km aldehyde in the most differentiated area, such as the neocortex dehydrogenase and glyceraldehyde phosphate dehydro- subpial layers and the hippocampus, but was not genase activity, 50 mM phosphate buffer was used instead of reliable in the analysis of unfixed sections incubated Tris-HC1, with 6mM acetaldehyde or 0.

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Therefore, attempts to dehydephosphate liberated from its diethylacetal as the correlate enzyme activity to single cells were avoided; specific substrate. The activity distribution of tested enzymes in the forebrain is summarized in Table 1. Monochromatic light was Enzyme histochemistry of the trigeminaI ganglion obtained through a Zeiss continuous interference filter with Ganglion cells were larger and morphologically much a normalized band width of 13 nm.

The extent of formation more defined than brain neurones; therefore, the of the final reaction product FRP resulting from enzyme distinction between neurone bodies and surrounding activity is expressed as the mean extinction Extpm -2 of the glial cells was also easier than in the forebrain Fig. The distribu- 2a.

As depicted in and the aperture of the condenser was matched with that of Fig. Only diaphragm. The field diaphragm was slightly larger than the ATPase was definitely higher in the nearby nervous measuring spot. In the trigeminal ganglion the FRP extinc- fibres sheet than in the gangliar parenchyma, where tion resulting form acetylcholinesterase activity in neurones only glial cells were strongly stained not shown.

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All was assessed at an off-peak wavelength of nm by a ganglion cell bodies had a faint but definite activity for multiple plugs method with a measuring spot of 2. Compared with surrounding structures, the Results perikarya of neurones showed a higher level of activity Enzyme histochemistry of the brain for membrane-bound cytochrome oxidase, glycero- The examined foetal brains were devoid of myelinated phosphate: menadione oxidoreductase Fig. Other enzymes, such as LDH Fig.

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Therefore it is and glial cells. ALKPase Fig. As an example, as the corpus callosum, and 5 choroid plexuses. A the FRP intensities of these enzymes in the neocortex clear outline of different cell populations e. With the Kluv- assay comparisons can also be made. This is illustrated in Table 2, in which the neocortex germinal layers are In the process of a d o p t i n g quantitative e n z y m e taken as reference. This p r o c e d u r e has the relevant histochemistry in prenatal toxicology, it was necessary advantage that m e a s u r e m e n t s can be p e r f o r m e d in to determine which e n z y m e s can be u s e d as functional a single section.

In toxicological work, the reference markers for rat foetal brain. The m e a n features of the area must not be affected b y the experimental rat brain at birth are still related to cell proliferation treatment. From top to bottom it is possible to distinguish a densely populated subpial zone S , a migratory area M , a zone of nervous fibres linear arrangement F , a crowded periventricular germinal zone P and the choroid plexus C laying in the ventricle. Kluver-Barrera, x Note that high LDH activity is present also in areas where nervous fibres are being formed.

Same markers as in a.

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Kluver-Barrera x McIlwain, The highest enzyme activities were found in considered a 'non-precocial' species Booth et al. G6PDH displayed the most intense activities in rat In the cranial ganglia, the neuronal bodies were foetal forebrain. Ox Fig.

Comparative activity between neocortex subpial layer and nearby fibre commissures corpus callosum of eight enzymes suitable for the histochemical assay in rat foetal brain. Each bar represents the mean with s. For each foetus the mean extinction was derived from four random readings performed on neocortex and corpus callosum in the three sections. The blackened area in the bar represents the level of the corresponding background activity incubation without substrate.

Table 2. Analysis of enzyme activities after conversion of extinction values into relative units to a common reference zone. Two-wavelength method. For each animal, five readings were obtained in each functional area and the mean transformed in relative units to the corresponding mean extinction value of the neocortex germinal layer taken as