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As a result, the focus of these theories of measurement has been on precision and internal consistency reliability.

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This focus results in measures that are often not helpful to the goals of measurement in service delivery. In , Virginia Apgar created the first clinimetric measure as an assessment of functioning for new born children Apgar, This measurement strategy, which focuses on the clinical utility of information, represents the first significant departure from psychometric theories in measurement in human service delivery.

Clinimetrics has informed the development of a variety of simple measures that have proved useful in fast-paced medical environments.

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The primary reason for implementing measurement in human services is to communicate. Effective management requires strong communication about the shared goals and objectives of the system i. Taking this logic and building on the concept of simplicity and clinical utility in clinimetrics, a communimetric theory of measurement is advanced that creates measures to optimize their communication value within service delivery applications Lyons, Primary characteristics of a communimetric measure include that they are reliable and valid at an item level and immediately translatable into action with regard to service planning.

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The selection of items is guided by consideration of the information needed to make key decisions in the service delivery process. The measures then become tools—directly supporting the work.

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Implications for measurement design are considerable. The nature of reliability and validity create alternative considerations for this theory. During the past decade, communimetric measures have been developed for child-serving systems e. More than 30, individuals have been trained in the reliable use of one of these tools, and these measures have been used to support the transformation of services in numerous large jurisdictions.

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There were attendees from 20 states and two Provinces. This is not a place where people need to share finished work that is ready for publication, or to go live in some system. Instead, it is a place where people are invited to be creative, share open questions, and get feedback on hunches and ideas. We hope that such an environment will encourage creativity and robust growth for Communimetric science throughout the social services and scientific field. Anyone interested in joining should email dwarner communitydataroundtable.

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Please let me know your professional background and relationship to communimetric data work in the email. Likewise, if you have an idea for a topic of discussion, or would like to present, please email me at the same address.

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