Manual Chemical Weapons Destruction and Explosive Waste Unexploded Ordinance

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US chemical weapons: massive destruction of stockpiles to begin at Colorado depot

In one 1,acre area, unexploded ordnance bombs, mines, grenades, etc. No contaminants migrated off the Depot property. Eight operable units study areas were designated. Units 1 and 2 consisted of the soil and groundwater, respectively, beneath the Explosive Washout Lagoons.

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Unit 3 was the Explosives Washout Plant. Unit 4 was the soil around the former small arms Deactivation Furnace.

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Units 5 and 6 consisted of one active and several inactive landfills, respectively. Unit 8 was a catch-all unit consisting of 32 distinct sites where hazardous substances may have been disposed of or released. In , under a Hazardous Waste Permit, the Depot began destruction of the chemical stockpile.

That work was completed in and the permit is in the process of being terminated. The future use of the site is to be divided between multiple uses, including use by the Oregon National Guard, Morrow and Umatilla Counties, and the local reuse authority.

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General Site Information. No Hermiston , Is this site a brownfield? Site Documents. Click the link to view the document.

Chemical Weapon Munitions Dumped at Sea: An Interactive Map

About staff work on the site adjacent to a military training ground, from where rifle shots echo through the cedar woods. It was at this site in Munster, some 70 kilometres 50 miles south of Hamburg, that Germany developed chemical weapons during World War I and first test-fired mustard gas, a devastating warfare agent.

As GEKA helps eliminate Syria's chemical weapons, he said, "you do think about how, after years since the start of World War I, they are still a problem. That's a certain incentive and also a source of pride if you're involved, even in a small way. Last year, on August 21st, rockets loaded with the nerve agent sarin ploughed into battlefield suburbs of Damascus, killing hundreds of people. The world was shocked by YouTube footage, purportedly taken after the attack, that showed men and children in spasms and pain, eyes flickering and foaming at the mouth. Under threat of US military strikes, the Assad regime agreed to sign the Chemical Weapons Convention and hand over its 1,tonne stockpile for destruction by mid The lethal material is to be destroyed under the supervision of the UN and OPCW, but several interim deadlines have since slipped and frustrated Western powers accuse the regime of stalling.

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Germany, along with Britain, has offered help with disposing of the secondary waste, so-called hydrolysates, which are similar to industrial waste. Some tonnes of the waste will be shipped in coming months in about a dozen containers to the German plant, where it will be pumped into a 1,degree-Celsius incinerator. The area near GEKA has been heavily contaminated since , when an explosion obliterated everything in a three-kilometre radius. In World War II the area was again used for chemical weapons research and production, only to be later destroyed by British occupation forces after The German army took over in the s and has since been dealing with the legacy of two world wars, which have left the soils contaminated and littered with unexploded ordnance.

Munitions are still found here, screened with mobile X-ray units and taken away in round blast-proof metal containers on wheels.

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Warfare agents are then separated from explosives and detonators, a process handled with remote-controlled saws and drills under jets of water, and then burnt for eight to 12 hours. Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier in January announced that Germany would lend its expertise to help in the destruction of Syria's chemical weapons, saying that "the international community has an obligation to ensure they are destroyed.

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